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International Channel  - Content Distribution

“Any product is only as good as its distribution"


Whether it's free-to-air channel or pay-service channels and content,"  even the best product is only as good as the distribution.  


Global Market Development

The European Television Guild (ETG) delivers broadcast services and television management to channels and platforms worldwide. Our business focus is to successfully open and develop international marketplaces across many distribution platforms.


Why We Succeed

While there is no ’one size fits all’ formula for broadcast success, there is a successful strategy unique to each client. It is ETG’s job to find that strategy and implement it in a sustainable way.  ETG clients represent a wide range of industry experience, from small independents to national and international broadcasters. 

The ETG team has a deep understanding of global marketplaces and specific knowledge of regulatory, licensing and distribution requirements to ‘start on air and stay on air.’

By working with all major service operators and on a global basis, we offer cost effective, end-to-end solutions, recommendations, and bespoke services. These services can be technical recommendations, distribution or marketing focussed, impartial advice.


Industry partnerships

ETG has long and strong relationships within the television industry: established platforms, service operators and channels. By working with a variety of selected service providers, we ensure the most cost effective solutions to achieve impressive and sustainable levels of new viewership in all markets.

We forge innovative and flexible partnerships in the international free to air and pay arena specific to each client’s needs, and negotiate directly with platform or bouquet operators, whether they are DTH, DTT , Cable, IPTV, OTT Connected TV, Mobile TV aggregators and operators directly.

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