International Distribution​

  1. Offer distribution services operating globally or micro market basis
  2. Negotiate with all operators: DTH, Cable, IPTV, DTT, OTT
  3. Discuss and negotiate with all service providers
  4. Find and recommend innovative solutions for low cost start-ups
  5. Work with existing Broadcasters to expand further distribution
  6. Provide research, projections and work in a transparent way

Channel Planning & Launch

  1. Concept Evaluation, Market Testing and research
  2. Business and financial planning – Full TV business plans
  3. Commercial planning – advertising/sponsorship/on-line revenues
  4. Service supplier recommendations/technical solutions
  5. Contract negotiations / platform procedures / regulatory
  6. Marketing recommendations – planning and execution/pre marketing
  7. Complete project and launch planning / channel management service


  1. ​International channel/radio applications and licensing;
  2. Regulatory and compliance services – full-time or bespoke
  3. Commercial and sponsorship compliance advice
  4. Staff Training and on-line support
  5. Digital rights management for channels and content;
  6. Licensing and contract formation / negotiations
  7. Annual returns, compliance complaints and sanction adjudication


  1. Creative, planning, brand creation and identity, visual elements
  2. Channel and schedule look and feel
  3. Programme formats, station idents, graphics, style.
  4. Full budget creation and planning
  5. Channel management and production services
  6. Planning studio work flows / OB crews and production